My main hobby is messing around with computers. This page is an index
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Several pages in this Wiki will be about my computers. This page acts as een index.

Some information about PC hardware can be found at The information given there is mostly about older PCs (max. PII), but sometimes you just wanna know how to connect the AT power connectors P8 and P9 to you motherboard razz.


Techniques, tricks etc.

  • Using Emacs, a text editor with a many possibilities.
  • Evolution is my favourite e-mail and PIM program.
  • GnuplotCommands (for plotting and fitting data).
  • About GhostView (a PostScript viewer).
  • I use InkScape for vector images and posters.
  • Working with SecureShell (SSH).
  • IDL, the Interactive Data Language, used for plotting, etc.
  • LaTeX, a way of making your theses (and, in fact, most other printable stuff, like letters and resume's) look great!
  • MySQL
  • Programming (C/C++, Fortran, Perl).
  • LaTeXBeamer, using LaTeX to make presentations (A similar package is called ProsPeR, but I think the results are somewhat less).
  • Analysing network traffic with TcpDump.

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    These are some notes of the steps I took to get my Tektronix XP217C X-terminal Vitamientje to connect to my Linux server Jerom.
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